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2017 Gaochun District Tourism complaint announcement
In 2017, our Bureau actively accepted 12345 transfer orders, telephone complaints and other complaints from other channels in accordance with the "Tourism Law" and "Measures for the Handling of Tourism Complaints" and other laws and regulations.
I. Basic Situation
In 2017, Gaochun District Tourism Bureau received 30 tourism complaints of various types, officially accepted 29 cases, the number of cases formally accepted increased by 107.14% compared with the same period last year, 29 cases have been closed, the closing rate is 100%.

Two. Classification of complaints
In 2017, 2 complaints against travel agencies were received, accounting for 6.9% of the total complaints; 26 complaints against scenic spots, accounting for 89.66% of the total complaints; 0 complaints against hotels, 1 other complaints, accounting for 3.45% of the total complaints.

Three. Classification of complaints about service quality of travel agencies
A total of 4 complaints about service quality were received throughout the year, accounting for 13.79% of all complaints. Fifteen complaints were related to poor management of scenic spots, accounting for 51.72% of all complaints; eight complaints were related to poor preparation of tourism activities, accounting for 27.59% of all complaints. There are 1 complaints about farmhouse business, accounting for 3.45% of all complaints.
Notice hereby.
Nanjing Gaochun Tourism Bureau
February 27, 2018

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