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Feather tribute fan
Feather Gong fan is the most characteristic handicraft of Gaochun old street. Gaochun feather fan has a history of more than 600 years. According to historical records, Gaochun feather fans were listed as "tributes" during the Jiajing period of the Ming Dynasty. Every year, 360 feather fans were refined before the Dragon Boat Festival to be put into the Imperial Palace and paid tribute to the capital on the winter solstice. The system did not stop until Tianjing (Nanjing), the capital of Taiping army. There are more than 80 species of feather fans in Gaochun. According to shape, there are round, semicircle, fingered citron, peach shape, sword shape, vase shape and so on. The same shape can be divided into several varieties according to different poultry feathers, specifications and quality. For example, goose feathers are used to make "Han Guangming", "Yuanguang Moon", "Big Yuandan" and so on; goose feathers are used to make "Yan Xiaoyuan", "Yan Ping Moon"; feathers are used to make "carved sword" and "carved vase"; wings are used to make "Shang Zhonghan Moon" and feathers are used to make "Dao Han Moon". In 1914, Gaochun feather fan was chosen to be exhibited at the "Panama World Exposition". In 1951, feather fan workers selected the most valuable carving feathers and made four large feather fans with sword-like ivory brackets. They were presented to Chairman Mao, Commander Zhu, Chairman of the East China Military and Political Commission, Rao Soseki, and Director of the Southern Jiangsu Provincial Department, Guan Wenwei. They were praised by the General Office of the CPC Central Committee.
At present, Gaochun feather Gong fan sells well in Southeast Asia, America, Oceania and other 23 countries and regions. It is also one of the favorite products for Chinese and foreign tourists to buy in the old street.

Cotton cloth
Gaochun is one of the typical areas of men's farming and women's weaving in history. Household handicraft textile industry appeared earlier. Most of the farmers have hand-tied cotton spinning wagons and spinning wagons. So far, some farmers have looms. The cloth woven by the farmers is continuously transported to Gaochun Old Street trading.
Gaochun cotton cloth, weaving with soil method, commonly known as "old cotton cloth", each about 36-42 Zhang long, generally white, can be dyed as needed into blue, black, red, green and other colors. In cotton cloth can also be printed pattern, mostly for "Kirin to send children", "Fengxi Peony", "Magpie Dengmei", "Pine crane Yannian" and other traditional patterns. It is mainly used for making pillows, quilt covers and so on. And foreign tourists are also very fond of these traditional crafts made of old cotton cloth, the annual sales of considerable.

Old cotton cloth shoes
Making cloth shoes is a traditional folk craft in Gaochun. Up to now, there are still many middle-aged and old people and a few young children wearing cloth shoes. There are many kinds of cloth shoes, wearers have their own requirements, such as old-fashioned garden shoes for men and women, young square mouth with climbing shoes, old people's tongue shoes, old people's deep band shoes, old women's cotton shoes and so on.
Old street cloth shoes have its unique function, it is practical, comfortable and can be health care. Old cotton cloth shoes are also one of the famous specialties of Gaochun old street. In the 90s of last century, Mr. Richard, the world's great pianist, once came to Gaochun to buy cloth shoes.

Flavored pastries
There are sugar shops and bakeries specializing in the production of traditional flavor cakes and snacks in the old streets. There are dozens of varieties. Including Dong Sugar, Ma Yu Cake, Yun Chian Cake, Flake, Sugar Steamed Bun Zi, Slice, Inch Golden Sugar and so on, the most characteristic of which is Lingmi Cake and Tofu Dry. Lingmi cake is made of water chestnut mill powder produced in Gucheng Lake and mixed with rice seedling crumbs which are also produced in water. It tastes soft and refreshing. Dried tofu is also one of the special products that tourists must buy when they come to old street. To make dried tofu, it is necessary to select the best soybean pulp, filter residue three times, press, and then cook it slowly. For example, the old street shop Xue Ji began to soak soybeans at 2:00 a.m. every day, after dozens of manual processes, until 5:00 p.m. fresh boiled tofu can be sold out of the pot. There are two kinds of dried bean curd in old street. Dry and salty suitable, sweet but not greasy, pure fragrance; Smelly dry light green, smelly and fragrant, unique flavor.

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